Clear Communication

Emergency Communication Solution

Our BandNET solution ensures that your office or facility has full critical communications capabilities. In emergencies, First Responders cannot properly contain the situation when there is signal loss or delay due to attenuation, reflection, or interference. This is why the National Fire Protection Association has enacted ordinances requiring minimum levels of coverage for public safety communication within corporate, medical, educational, and other buildings. With our BandNET solution, you maintain compliance with NFPA standards while ensuring the functionality of your security personnel’s two-way radios with a menu of customizable signal amplification products.

Clear Communication, Improved Safety

As a business owner or facilities manager, your main concern is the safety of the people on your premises. BandNET is one of the most cost-effective and robust emergency communication solutions available on the market. It starts with the installation of an in-building public safety communications amplification system. This system allows First Responders to use their multi-band radios to stay in contact with various public safety agencies while they are on-site responding to your emergency.

BandNET facilitates indoor 911 calls and is better prepared to connect the multitude of simultaneous calls that otherwise overwhelm the available wireless coverage. It also provides First Responders with improved wireless communication, whether by voice or data, to serve better the interests of public safety. This is especially true in critical areas such as stairwells where radio frequency signals, without aid, are at their weakest.

Custom Public Safety Communications Amplification Systems Installed by ISS

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality BandNET signal amplification systems. With our services, public safety professionals have the resources they need to protect your workforce in the event of an emergency. Make sure your building is properly equipped for critical emergency communication with our BandNET technology. Our company provides custom signal amplification products that you can count on. When it comes to superior first responders communication services, our experienced professionals are the ones to trust. We look forward to hearing from you and getting started.

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