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Custom Telecommunications Maintenance Programs

At Innovative Service Solutions, Inc. (ISS), we have developed a cost-saving approach to better, faster, more reliable telecommunications maintenance service. We are proud to offer our commercial clients nationwide custom telecommunications maintenance programs that provide more choice, control, and value. Whether your service area is local or national, we act as your single source for streamlined telecom support. Stay connected to your customers and vendors by taking advantage of our state-of-the-art resources.

Our company was founded on the principle that customers should have access to high performance telecom alternatives for maintenance support at lower costs than what they currently pay. After all, today’s equipment is stable, the replacement parts are cheaper, but the price of maintenance contracts continues to escalate while service vendors roll back their support coverages. Given this essential value/cost contradiction, it’s time to ask yourself whether you are getting the best value out of your current

data center and connectivity lines

Technology & Market Trends

The reliability of telecommunications equipment has risen over 500% during the past 12 years. During the same time, the cost of replacement parts has decreased by 50%, while the cost of maintenance contracts has actually increased by around 50%.

Meanwhile, the telecommunications industry continues to migrate away from direct manufacturing support to outsourced business partner support. Every major manufacturer has undergone a significant restructuring process to adapt to these changing market conditions.

As a result, client service levels have declined as service groups reduce their personnel and parts inventories. Additionally, billing confusion leads to errors as customers are reassigned to new service partners.

In this environment, customers face increasing price sensitivity as they struggle to find reliable network support that accommodates all of their communications platforms. Often, businesses must deal with multiple vendors and contracts.

Our response to these conditions is the innovative approach to service that maintains the reliable performance of customers’ telecommunications systems while lowering and stabilizing the cost. With our maintenance agreements, you receive:

  • Fixed Cost
  • ISS-Preferred Vendor Network--Provides Clients with Guaranteed Service Levels
  • Vendor Flexibility/Resource Accessibility--ISS Clients Have Access to a Nationwide Network of Certified Technicians & a Full Parts Inventory
  • Vendor Guidance--We Provide Help Selecting a Service Group Based on the Applications & Telecom Environment\
  • Marketplace Clarity--ISS Has Resources That Provide Insight to Market Direction
  • Nationwide Solution--Coverage for all locations in North America in One Simple Agreement

The Benefits of Our Maintenance Agreements

With us, you don’t have to worry about lengthy service disruptions affecting your business or overpriced repairs and customer support. By opening up your access to multiple service groups, we offer flexible plans that protect your operation’s efficiency and productivity. Reach out to us today to discuss maintenance programs that:

1. Reduce Costs by 20-25%
2. Provide Choice in Your Support Providers with Guaranteed Response Times
3. Put You in Control of Your Support Environment

Our goal is to bring your IT/telecom systems’ cost and value into balanced alignment. It’s vital that you partner with a service provider that can keep your operation running smoothly for a cost-effective price. As your telecommunications support provider, that is exactly what we do. We welcome the opportunity to discuss getting started on supporting your company’s voice systems.


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