A Turnkey Solution

CellNET for Every Network, Every CarrierOptimal Cellular Service in the Workplace

ISS offers a powerful communication solution to commercial clients nationwide. With CellNET, you can have reliable cellular service in the workplace. In facilities where building design and materials interfere with connection and call quality, interrupted cell services can impede workflow and productivity. With CellNET, however, you have an affordable, turnkey answer to poor cellular quality in the workplace. This proprietary service utilizes the latest cellular boosting technology. Call us today to ensure that you have optimal connectivity throughout your facility.

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The CellNET Advantage

You have options when it comes to boosting the signal inside your workplace, but none of them compare to the performance and cost-saving benefits of CellNET. If you have explored a traditional DAS system (Distributed Antenna System), you know the expense and complexity of implementing that type of solution. ISS has a solution that can meet your needs at a fraction of the cost of a traditional DAS system.

CellNET is the simple solution to transmit cellular signals throughout your workplace from the same cellular network that covers all carriers. There are no additional costs, user limits, security drawbacks, or hands-on maintenance requirements associated with other options. With our solution, you never have to worry about lack of cell service in the workplace and you don’t pay for our solution until you are completely satisfied.

Amplify Your Cell Signal Today

Our goal is to meet your telecom challenges so that your operation can run as efficiently as possible. That’s why we have designed our unique signal amplification solution. Your employees won’t lose valuable time to dropped calls or have the need to walk to areas of higher signal quality to make or receive a call.

Our approach is affordable, simple, and most importantly, it works. Let us eliminate your cellular connectivity issues with a system that:


  • Strengthens and Connects Your Cellular Network to Your Workplace
  • Provides Access for All Cellular Carriers
  • Works Independently from Customer Network as a Passive DAS system
  • Amplifies All Cellular Frequencies (2G/3G/4G/5G*/LTE)
  • Can Expand as Your Budget Allows
  • Features No Ongoing Subscription Costs, User Fees, or Software Updates
  • Provides Virtually Unlimited Simultaneous Users
  • Can Be Installed in Weeks with Limited Site Disruptions

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Let us show you how we can deliver on enhancing your interior cellular network and get your workforce connected. Our proprietary solution is proven and the best value for getting interior cellular service and meeting the demands of your business.

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